A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

Protecting Your Best Interests With Accident Recording Technology

People are getting desperate in the United States, and truck accident fraud is far from a myth. There's no shortage of automobile insurance scammers being caught in the act, and it's hard to tell how many of these scams are settled for cash on the road or before reaching court. Although some accidents can be proven by the type of damage and other indicators, consider a few pieces of technology that can enhance your legal argument and cut out some of the courtroom drama, such as:

Recording Innocence With A Dash Cam

For truck drivers, the easiest way to strong accident evidence is to install a dash camera. There's plenty of room in most truck cabs, meaning that you can mount the camera in multiple advantageous areas and fit an external power source for longer periods of recording.

Although dash cameras have been around for decades, they've benefited from the same leaps in technology that made (most) smartphones and tablets fast and cheap. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera to get high definition and decent recording storage.

When investing in a dash cam, just make sure it's a modern system. This means that it has at least a resolution/quality level of 720p and that it has an SD card (secure digital) slot to save your recorded information.

720p is the lowest resolution for industry-accepted High Definition (HD), and HD is standard to the point of not being an extra cost. You have to try to find worse, but don't let the desire to go as affordable and basic as possible steer you into pointlessly bad quality.

As far as storage, the point is to add an SD card to save your recorded video and remove as needed. This makes copying the information easier since you can just take it to a computer, put it in a smartphone, or hand it to an attorney to have the information handled properly.

Smartphones And Other Mobile Devices

If you already have a smartphone, you simply need to know how to use it after an accident. Don't buy a second smartphone for accident recording purposes; if you can make that investment, dash cams are usually the same price.

With a smartphone, you can take pictures and videos of the damage. You can also get the license plate and other information about the accident, but avoid antagonizing the others involved in the accident. Even if you're in the right, starting an altercation can give them a legal argument that could cut into your compensation.

Pictures and videos are basic features, but do you have a plan for what to do next? You need to have an attorney's contact information on your phone, along with family and friends who can understand how to handle digital evidence. Be sure to get a few emails of technology-savvy allies and create a group on your phone for fast delivery.

This is helpful because of the often hectic nature of an accident and the moments that follow. Having a plan ahead of time can get that evidence to others for your safety, and cuts down on time that the other party could hide evidence or stop you.

Contact a truck accident attorney to discuss other aspects of getting your accident evidence to a safe place.

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A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

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