A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

The Pros And Con Of Using An Accident Recreationist At Your Personal Injury Trial

If you have been involved in a car accident that has left you injured, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party if they have any responsibility for the accident. However, in many car crash cases, it comes down to your word against yours. If the other party is unwilling to accept any responsibility and refuses to settle, your attorney may recommend calling an accident recreationist as an expert witness at your trial. But before they do, you must agree. Learning the pros and cons of using one can help you decide if you should. 

The Cons of Using an Accident Recreationist At Your Personal Injury Trial

  • The Cost

One of the biggest downsides to hiring an accident recreationist, or an expert witness who recreates witnesses, is their cost. These experts are expensive. And trying to recreate an accident can take hours to get all of the angles and speeds right. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is a fee that you will end up paying for. If you do not have the money, an attorney may front you the costs, but they often get the money back at settlement, in addition to their agreed-upon fees. 

  • You Can't Predict What They Will Find

The other disadvantage to hiring one of these experts is that you cannot predict what they will find. They can recreate the accident and conclude that you were solely at fault. Unfortunately, this information has to be handed over to the other party as part of the discovery process. So ultimately, you have paid a lot of money to obtain evidence for the defense if this occurs. 

The Pros of Using an Accident Recreationist At Your Personal Injury Trial

  • Helps to Provide You With Evidence

The biggest advantage to hiring an accident recreationist is that they can help to provide you with the evidence you need to win your case if they conclude the other party had a fault in the accident. If there were no witnesses and no cameras, proving a "he said-she said" case is hard. Bringing in an expert may be your only option in this instance. 

  • Recreating an Accident Can Be Powerful

The other benefit to hiring an accident recreationist is that they typically include computer mock-ups or videos showing how the accident occurred and why. This can be powerful for a judge or jury to see. Being able to see how an accident plays out and playing to the emotions of those who decide the outcome may also help you get a higher award amount if they find the other party has any responsibility.

It can be tough to decide whether you should invest in an accident recreationist if your personal injury case is going to trial. If your car accident attorney is recommending you hire one, there is likely a good reason why, such as a lack of evidence. If you are unsure as to whether you really need to, or should hire one of these professionals, ask your attorney to explain to you why they feel it is important to your case. Then you can make an educated and informed decision. 

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A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

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