A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

Electrocuted By A Pressure Cooker? It Will Help To Prove The Following

When people hear about a pressure cooker injury, they often imagine the device exploding or releasing steam in a manner that scalds the user. These instances may occur, but they're not the only thing that can go wrong with your pressure cooker and result in an injury to you. Another potential risk that could happen to the user is electrocution — which may result in extensive and costly medical care. If your pressure cooker has electrocuted you, you'll definitely want to sit down with an attorney who specializes in pressure cooker injury cases. Together, you can build a case by proving the following.

The Environment Was Dry

When you file a pressure cooker injury suit resulting from an electrocution, it's not a stretch to suggest that the defendant's attorney will suggest that your actions led to the incident. One topic that the attorney may bring up is the working environment. He or she suggest may that if you had the pressure cooker in a wet environment, electrocution would be possible — but that your decision to use the device in such an environment makes you responsible, not the pressure cooker's manufacturer. You'll need to work with your attorney to prove that you were indeed operating this kitchen device in a dry and safe environment.

You Followed The Instructions

Companies and their attorneys will often argue that as long as users use their products according to the instructions, they'll be safe. You shouldn't be surprised if the pressure cooker company's attorney questions your ability to use the machine, perhaps insinuating that you did something wrong with it — and that that behavior led to your electrocution. You'll want to be ready to counter this argument by discussing your history with the machine. For example, if you can report that you've used it twice a week for two years, this argument suggest that you're familiar with operating it safely.

Your Outlets Weren't The Problem

The defendant's attorney may also suggest that your home played a role in the electrocution. For example, he or she might say that a faulty wall outlet caused the problem. To be prepared to counter this claim, you'll need to consider other devices that you pulled into the same outlet leading up to the pressure cooker injury. For example, if you can state how you routinely use other small devices — a toaster and blender, perhaps — without injury, it suggests that the pressure cooker was the culprit.

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A Good Attorney Is Very Important after a Car Accident

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